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    springy dancing toast  (ノ≧∀≦)ノ


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    Job: Creative Editor

    Location: Chicago, IL


    Poncho, the world’s foremost weather forecasting cat, seeks a human handler in Chicago to launch a personalized weather service. I’ve been forecasting weather both good and bad on the East coast for more than a year (phew, I…

    Join me in Chicago!


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    New York City - World Trade Center


    I had the pleasure of taking photos of the World Trade Center for an article in The Guardian that just went live this morning. You can read the article and see my photos here:

    One World Trade Center: how New York tried to rebuild its soul


    A view from the top of 4 World Trade Center which is currently under construction…


    As I wrote in a few earlier posts regarding this photo assignment, having grown up here in New York City and lived through September 11, these photos changed my own perspective on the new World Trade Center.


    A view of 1 World Trade Center from the unfinished terrace of 4 World Trade Center at sunset…


    My other photography and musings about the World Trade Center can be found here:

    World Trade Center

    A view of 1 World Trade Center as the Empire State Building looks on…
    The new New York City skyline at dusk…


    Information about my New York City photography book which is releasing in stores and online in the autumn of 2014 (including where to order it):


  5. Why Does My Hair Always Frizz, No Matter What I Do?




    You use all the right products in your hair. You don’t towel dry it. You only brush it when it’s wet. Yet, the moment you step outside — POOF — frizz attacks like some 50s-era horror movie, and you’re left with a mess and no explanation why.

    It’s okay. It’s not you. It’s your hair and its longstanding, complicated relationship with the water in the atmosphere.

    Read More

    Cool knowledge alert!!


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  8. today is a great day to take a selfie 


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    The Abandoned Subway Level Below Times Square Port Authority http://ift.tt/1lysaAg


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