2. today is a great day to take a selfie 


  3. untappedcities:

    The Abandoned Subway Level Below Times Square Port Authority http://ift.tt/1lysaAg


  4. #wednesday


  5. missgingerlee:

    Emergency blog kitteh in a sample size tent. 

    Because kittens.

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  6. hiponcho:

    New York City, you are beautiful today.


  7. Dogs make great sidekicks, don’t they? Happy National Dog Day!


  8. unimpressedcats:


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  9. hiponcho:

    Listen up baby, I’m available. Well, in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Connecticut that is. Go sign up for my weather forecasts via email to text now, and bring some sunshine to your mornings. 

    get ready to change your life, bbs


  10. I think it’s about that time, don’t you think?